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surnames: Amos(1) Anderson(3) Bound(2) Bruton(1) Carnop: (5)
Conner: (6) Flatt(4) Gary(1) Goodson(1) Hall(1) Lang: (20)
Mason(3) Page: (14) Taylor(10) Vaughn: (7)

PHOTO'S:Family pix

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Recently I realized I didn't know much about my Fathers family so I decided to dig into the roots of my father and his Parents....and this is what i have come up with so far.... My Father is ROGER ELMO PAGE born 4-15-1914 in Jackson MS and Died 5-9-1974 in Brentwood CA....the eldest of 6 born to GEORGE WALTER PAGE born5-18-1885 in kemper county MS and died 7-1973 in Jackson MS and WILLIE LEE CONNER(PAGE) Married 12-29-1912 in kemper County...She was born 3-6-1888 and died 10-29-1987 in Jackson MS...The other children are GLADYS PAGE D.O.B 6-27-1916 STILL LIVING JAMES ALVIN PAGE D.O.B 9-12-1919 Died 1997 ROSCOE PAGE D.O.B 12-2-1922 Died 9-21-1990 FRANK PAGE D.O.B 12-11-1925 and AL SMITH PAIGE D.O.B.11-3-1928 Died199? GEORGE WALTER PAGE was the eldest of 5 born to MARTHA ALICE PAGE D.O.B 1869 D.O.D 2-1945 in MS...she never married....His father was JOHN CHERRY i know nothing of him other then he left MS and went to Texas with his parents.. other children born to her was HENRY J. PAGE D.O.B 8-6-1896 D.O.D 5-23-1972 ARRIE PAGE(CONNER) DOB 11-23-1895 DOD 4-1983she also had two others names unknown to me MARTHA ALICE PAGE was the eldest of 4 children born to THOMAS PAGE DOB ???? DOD????and JANE GOODSON DOB?????DOD?????one other child born to them that i know of was THOMAS ANDREW PAGE DOB 10-9-1872 DOD 7-25-1951...He is buried at pine crest cementary in MS he married NANCY C. LANG DOB 12-30-1869 DOD 5-20-1928 they haved three children that i know of they are HOLLIE H PAGE DOB 7-17-1897 DOD 5-23-1959 and LILLION E PAGE DOB 8-2-1905 DOD3-5-1984 Both also buried at pine crest and another daughter EVA PAGE DOB??? DOD???

WILLIE LEECONNER was the eldest of four born to JAMES FRANCES CONNER DOB 8-4-1860 DOD 1900 and MARTHA ELIZABETH LANG DOB 5-14-1866 DOD 10-20-1929 other children was LUTHER FRANKLIN CONNER DOB ???? DOD12-27-1940 and HENRY CLAY CONNER DOB???? DOD????and BESSIE BELMAR CONNER DOB????DOD 3-6-1945 JAMES FRANCES CONNER was born to WARREN F.CONNER DOB???? DOD???? and ELIZABETH VAUGHN DOB 1833? DOD????her parents was JAMES VAUGHN DOB 1806 DOD 6-5-1858 and MARY CARNOP DOB 12-26-1814 DOD 4-20-1891 Mary's parents was Fredrick Mira CARNOP and Rebbecca CARNOP.JAMES VAUGHN father was JEROMEVAUGHN DOB 1770 his father was JOHN VAUGHN (No date known)his father was JASPER VAUGHN(NO DATE KNOWN) his father was JAMES VAUGHN DOB 1650DOD???? and his father was JONATHAN VAUGHN DOB 1615 DOD????? In 1636 Jonathan came to America from Scotland landing in Jamestown VA.Shortly after settling in he met a colonial girl and Married.Four generations of Vaughns was born in VA but in 1790 Jerome went to TN where James and his brother William was born....In abt.1830 they move to Al. and then on into MS.

If you have any questions or comment about any of the names listed on this page please feel free to leave me a message on my answering machine or E-mail me I will get back to you as soon as possible....Please sign my guestbook before leaving I would appreciate it greatly...Thank you OR

this is just the beginning

As I gather info on my family i will be adding it along with other surnames i may come across so please check back every so often as i will be up dating again soon

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