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BESSIE BELMAR CONNER:Daughter of James Frances,she never married born 1899 and died 3-6-1945

HENRY CLAY CONNER: Son of James Frances Conner,He Married Alme short 2-18-1923 He was born in the late 1800 Date of death unk.

JAMES FRANCES CONNER:Was born Aug. 4,1860 and died in the 1900's,He married Marhta Elizabeth Lang born 5-14-1866 and died 10-20-1929

JAMES CONNER:DOB ukn.m.Ann Carnop and brother to Warren Conner

LUTHER FRANKLIN CONNER:Son of James Frances conners,He married Arrie Page on 3-5-1913,He was born about 1890 and died 12-27-1940

WARREN FRANKLIN CONNER:Father of James Frances Conner,dates of birth or death unk. Married Elizabeth Vaughn in the early 1850's

WILLIE LEE CONNER: My Grandmother and daughter of James Frances Conner,she was born 3-6-1888 and died 10-29-1987,she married George Walter Page on 12-29-1912

surnames: Carnop(1) Goodson(1) Hall(1) Lang: (20) Page: (14) Vaughn: (7)
PHOTO'S:family pix